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Award-Winning Home Care Agency

Our mission is to help you or your loved one enjoy independence, not fear it. We offer the kind of in home care that makes it possible to thrive at any age.

"I am so relieved to know that Cherished Companions Home Care Agency is available. I live hours from my mom and having a professional elder care service like this allows me to have peace knowing she is well cared for!”-Wendie (5 year client)

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How Can We Help You With Your Home Care?

Caring for a Parent

It may have started slowly… Mom couldn’t find her keys or got lost driving. Maybe she left the stove on or fell getting out of her chair. But, you now realize that she needs help with those activities that she has always done, otherwise, she may no longer be safe on her own.  You need to get the best care to help with those daily activities. That’s where Cherished Companions Home Care  comes in with a range of senior care services so your loved one can remain at home having the control and ability to thrive independently.

  1. In-Home Care 
  2. Assistance with Personal Care 
  3. Medication Reminders
  4. Homemaking Services 
  5. Providing Safety at Home
Guide to Home Care
Home Care Assessment

Caring for a Spouse/Friend

When a spouse or friend struggles with physical or memory issues that impacts their ability to do day to day activities the burden falls on those closest to them. As their advocate, you are absolutely committed to making sure that your loved one gets the best care possible but often don’t know what resources are available or where to turn. All that you know is that you made a promise to take care of them. The stress on you as a caregiver can feel unbearable at times. At Cherished Companions Home Care we are committed to helping you figure how to best care for your loved one. We work closely with you, using our years of expertise, to develop a plan that is customized to your individual situation to help you keep those promises.

  • Free Assessment
  • Customized Plan of Care
  • Unparalleled Caregivers
  • Personal Care Services
  • In-Home Care
  • Hospital / Rehab Discharge Assistance
Guide to Home Care
Home Care Assessment

Becoming a Caregiver

Our Caregivers are the best available… period. That is our commitment. It takes a special person to be a Cherished Companions Home Care Caregiver. We look for those people that see this as a calling and not just a job. We only want those that truly desire to make a difference with other people and who recognize what a unique privilege it is to share in the lives of our clients. Our Caregivers are chosen because they recognize that privilege and they see this as a profession that requires great skill and emotional intelligence. They want a company that recognizes and celebrates their profession. Everyone in our office is a caregiver and has experienced what it is like to give care. We have also all been touched by the experiences involved with having a loved one who has needed care. We are a mission-based company that has care at the very heart of everything we do. At Cherished Companions Home Care we have high expectations for our employees but our caregivers would have it no other way. We want those that see this as a destination... a place to thrive with others that love people and caregiving. We are a hard company in which to get hired but a place few ever want to leave.

Employment Benefits:

  • Training Programs 

  • Full Benefits Available

  • Health Insurance 

  • Retirement Program

  • Employer of Choice Award Winner

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Referring Care for a Patient or Friend

As a professional, people rely on you to help them make informed choices. They need help and often need that help immediately. You feel the confusion and anxiety that they are experiencing and want to assist them in get the help they need to relieve their fears. It’s important that they don’t transition home only to end up right back in the hospital. At Cherished Companions Home Care we will work closely with you to ease that transition safely back to a home setting. We are a mission based company that provide care because we do care. We are available 24 hours a day and will quickly meet with and assess your client. We custom design a care plan and match the patient with the ideal caregiver that has the skills, training and right temperament for that individual. When you refer to Cherished Companions you have the peace of mind that you have placed your patient in caring hands.

  • Fast Service 
  • Custom Assessment 

  • Skilled Caregivers 

  • 24 hour Availability

  • Fast Turnaround for Care 

  • Affordable Pricing 

  • Follow-up and Updates on Care

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Guide to Home Care

Types of Care

At Cherished Companions, we believe caregiving is a calling. That’s why we’re committed to providing quality, compassionate home care that is tailored to your needs. As an alternative to an assisted living or skilled nursing facility, home care provides the assistance your loved one needs to feel safe and comfortable in their own home. 

Daytime and Evening Care

A caregiver provides care during the day and/or evening based on the needs of the client. The caregiver and the amount of hours are matched to the needs of each client.

Hospital Discharge Care

Recovery from an illness or medical emergency often continues long after being discharged from the hospital. Hospital discharge care provides assistance during this critical period to help support a safe and full recovery.


Home care provides assistance with daily activities so your loved one can continue to enjoy independence at home. Whether you need part-time care, live-in care, or 24-hour care, we’ll be there to support you.

Join our happy clients. See an overview of our services.


Cherished Companions executive team and staff provide exceptional support to our clients and caregivers. Our team and caregivers share the commitment and passion to provide only the best care for your loved one. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences give them unique perspectives and passionate commitment to quality care for every individual. They are also trained to work with a variety of different needs and circumstances so you receive the assistance you need with a heart of compassion.

Doug Wilber
Lena Macfarlane
Lisa Mollohan
Erin Pfenning
Molly Patel
Tracy White
James Meikle
Sheila Lee
Christina Voinovich
MyRanda Washington
Lisa Whitmer
Kaitlin Wilber
Amanda Mormile
Mary Mikolanis
Kim Garred
Camden Mollohan
Meredith Bennington
“Cherished Companions has made this new phase in our lives much easier. They have given us the support we needed to remain at home.” Lois and Edna, retired couple
“They are a very personal and caring company. Their caregivers are so warm, like they are part of the family.” Linda, a beloved long-term client
“I am forever grateful for the service Cherished Companions provides. They gave our family peace of mind because we knew dad was safe and being well cared for. They made what seemed impossible at the time, possible.” Paula, daughter of a retired U.S. Veteran

Service Area

We provide award-winning home care services throughout northeast Ohio. Contact us to find out if we serve your location!

We service the following counties:

  • Summit County, Ohio
  • Portage County, Ohio
Learn more about some of the cities we service:
Service Area

Caring is our Specialty

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Guide to Home Care

We know that your loved one’s heart is at home. Remaining independent may have become a little challenging, and that’s where home care can help. In this guide, we are going to share with you the complete ins and outs of home care.

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choosing the right Ohio home care agency

How to Choose a Care Agency

Choosing a home care agency for your aging parent or family member is one of the most important decisions you can make for his or her long term health, happiness, and safety. That is why we have developed this infographic as a tool for you to reference during this important time.

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The Cherished Companions Institute has been involved with studies on dementia to help develop tools to aid with the difficulties of Alzheimers.

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